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The Bird House Avian Hut

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This PetNest home shaped sparrow and tit nest box will be a welcome addition to your garden installing it is as easy. Attract a range of garden birds like sparrows, tits and other small cavity nesting birds. The nest box has sparrow specific entry hole which prevents other predators from entering inside. Installation Will help you watch birds from close quarters. Will make your gardan bird sanctuary by attracting a range of garden birds. Ideal to be gifted as a good nature gift. Its handmade and hand painted. Made in India. This is a conservation product and contributes towards habitat creation, conservation, increasing population of sparrows and other small birds. Make sure that your nesting box is installed well before the breeding season begins. Dont be discouraged if birds dont begin nesting in it immediately sometimes it takes time for birds to discover the nest box. Attention is make sure you can open the side door for cleaning each season. remove or omit perches on the birdhouse. Theyre not necessary and can attract unwanted pest birds. in general, nest boxes can be mounted higher than when mounted on a fence post. It can prevent some predators from climbing. golf courses, cultivated fields, gardens and yards are potentially good habitats for nest boxes, but avoid areas where pesticides and herbicides are used. Those are not only harmful to birds, they decrease and sometimes eliminate the insect populations that are the primary food source for many cavity-nesting species.Approx measurement :- Height-1130 mm, Width-1600 mm, Depth- 1035 mm