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Meera Bai Sculpture

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Meera bai Hindu Mystical Singer Statue Sculpture.Playing her ektar,a one-stringed lute traditionally used for Hindu devotional songs,Indian saint Meera Bai will add her own kind of harmony to your surround Exquisitely sculpted, from her softly gathered gown to her gracefully arched hands, our serene musician is a spiritual centerpiece quality designer resin and as bright as the music she plays,she is hand-painted to highlight every sculptural nuance. Our items wonderfully exotic art for your home or meditation garden. Meera Mira Meera Bai) was an aristocratic Hindu mystical singer and sahajiya (apasampradaya) devotee of lord Krishna from Rajasthan and one of the most significant Figures of the Sant tradition of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Approx Measurement-Height-460 mm, Width-390mm, Depth-240 mm,Weight:- 2.950kg